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Made-for-television films and animated films are listed separately. There are also lists of films by year , by storyline , and those directed by women. Category:LGBT culture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Are You Krazy??? Diverso da chi? Different from Whom? Big Tree. Leather Bar.

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LGBT portal Film portal. Archived from the original on Retrieved Deccan Herald. Retrieved 13 July Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender fiction. LGBT writers.

The 50 best gay movies – the most essential LGBT+ films ever made

Bara Pulp fiction Slash fiction Teen fiction Yaoi. List of books. More than a dozen men, some professionally subordinate to Spacey, came forward with their own accounts of sexual harassment and assault; many of them said Spacey grabbed their crotch without warning.

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As the list of alleged same-sex predators began to grow, the film director Bryan Singer and the Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine appeared among the names. Both men deny any wrongdoing. These stories fit a familiar pattern of powerful guys taking monstrous advantage of their status. Yet as alarm has intensified about drunken, horny subcultures of straight folks—nightclubs, frat parties, music festivals where women report rampant abuses—some gay men have begun to wonder whether their own confabs are consent catastrophes.

Broaching that idea in public risks reviving old images of gay promiscuity and predation at just the moment when such stereotypes are losing their bite, thanks to the growing visibility of the queer experience in all its variety. But now that harassment of every sort is on trial, the issue seems unavoidable.

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In a piece in the LGBTQ magazine Wussy , the writer Alex Franco recounted his memory of an app-facilitated hookup that turned menacing when the other man tried to prevent Franco from leaving. That unwanted advances frequently harm gay men is already clear. According to a CDC survey based on self-reports, the share of gay men who have experienced sexual violence other than rape is almost as great as the share of straight and lesbian women who have. Though gender difference is out of the picture, the worst cases of same-sex abuse still tend to involve power inequalities: disparities of wealth, age, clout, physical size, and intoxication levels.

Race can figure in too, as when a black man at a predominantly white bar risks being taken for the threat rather than the victim if he resists harassers. Among competing explanations for the particular maleness of predation, one theory rests heavily on biology, and the gay cruising mentality can serve as a prop for that case. It also implies a depressing perspective on homosexuality. Those guys who were called sissies throughout their youth?

They grow up to embody the very aspects of masculinity now widely seen as destructive. An alternative analysis of predatory male sexuality comes to the same sad conclusion by pointing to nurture—the way men are raised in a sexist society—rather than nature. Here, too, gay men can be deployed as an object lesson. In a essay for the queer web publication them , the activist and writer Darnell L. Moore fretted that even his quietest ogling of attractive men was, fundamentally, rooted in rape culture.

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But the queer art of cruising the street—born of lonely, thwarted yearning for touch—has always relied on a silent, probing gaze. A ny portrayal of gay men as a lab-pure reduction of maleness—whether inborn or socially constructed—is too simple. Maybe many queer men do believe that male valor is proved by conquest. In any case, sexism does not bear down on them in the same way that it does on women. Which is to say that gay men have long needed to balance the free, equal, and even crass seeking of sex against the possibility of its abuse.

That battle over the past half century has led to a radical cultural achievement. Do straight guys do this? In the process, gay men have helped make room in the broader culture for different kinds of manliness. Situationally sensitive rules of the road have developed—evidence, perhaps heartening for MeToo, that men can be made to moderate themselves.

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In , Martin S. Weinberg and Colin J. Sex could be social. Even the most secretive kind of hookups have relied on community. Strangers across social strata made connections as they got off together and kept watch for troublemakers—predators, narcs, thieves. Delany once brought along a female friend curious to gawk a reprise of Brown. For queer folks to find one another may once have involved groping in the dark, but now all the courtship rituals that straights partake in—from meet-the-parents holiday dinners to elaborate wedding preparations—are available.

At the same time, explicit adventuring clearly retains its appeal. As before, what may look like free-for-alls can actually be governed by a sort of forbearance. Meanwhile, the anonymous cruise has gotten an update with apps such as Grindr and Scruff, where the hunt for sex is assumed and where conversations sometimes kick off with the sending of an explicit picture a male tendency notoriously irritating to women on Tinder. Faces can be obscured, and the exchange of names an afterthought.

Though abuses do occur, conduct on these platforms is ritualized for safety and mutual understanding. What are you into?

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Since its opening, the venue has heard complaints about the same male groping of women that has long plagued nightlife. There is a difference. Consenticorns might seem like a parody of safe-space coddling. Indeed, in spirit if not in specifics, the consenticorn agenda resembles the sort of policing to protect pleasure that queer subcultures have long experimented with. Bringing casual sex into the open—for the gay world, yes, but also the straight one—was a first step.

If participants, and especially men, turn out to need some taming, the goal is not to chasten them but to enable more fun. For gay guys, the choreography of cruising—the nod of encouragement, the welcomed touch, the ascertaining of who wants what—will keep evolving as people become freer to talk about the ways in which it can go wrong. Recently, the friend who told me about the Bear Week belly rubs showed me an emailed invitation to a private all-male sex party in a major city.

Yet laden with pictures of muscled bodies and information about the sex supplies on offer, the invitation could hardly be called prudish, unliberated, or panicky. Why would it be?