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However, the movement ecology of South American sea lions remains poorly understood, although biologging studies in recent years have advanced our understanding of their at-sea movements at some breeding locations. South American sea lions breed on beaches made of sand, gravel , rocky, or pebble beaches [8] They can also be seen on flat, rocky cliffs with tidepools.

South American sea lions consume numerous species of fishes , including Argentine hake and anchovies. When captured, the prey is shaken violently and torn apart. South American sea lions have been recorded to take advantage of the hunting efforts of dusky dolphins , feeding on the fish they herd together.

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Mating occurs between August and December, and the pups are born between December and February. Males arrive first to establish and defend territories , but then switch to defending females when they arrive. During the breeding season, males that fail to secure territories and harems, most often subadults, will cause group raids in an attempt to change the status quo and gain access to the females. The resident males try to fight off the raiders and keep all the females in their territorial boundaries.

Raiders are often unsuccessful in securing a female, but some are able to capture some females or even stay in the breeding area with one or more females. Despite being mostly a harem-territorial species, one population in Peru has been recorded having a lek -like breeding system.

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Here, with its longer ratio of males in comparison to females, the males cluster together and display and try to attract females while allowing then to move freely. The warmer climate also makes the females move constantly to the water, further making the traditional mating system difficult to maintain. The group raids that exist in temperate populations are virtually non-existent here.

Sea lion mothers remain with their newborn pups for nearly a week before making a routine of taking three-day foraging trips and coming back to nurse the pups. This is normally when the mother gives birth to a new pup. Pups gradually spend more time in the nearshore surf and develop swimming skills. South American sea lions are observed to make various vocalizations and calls which differ between sexes and ages.

The Moche people of ancient Peru worshipped the sea and its animals. They often depicted South American sea lions in their art. Indigenous peoples of South America exploited this species for millennia and by Europeans around the 16th century. The species is protected in most of its range. The overall population of sea lions is considered stable; the estimate is , animals.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the fictional continent, see Magic: The Gathering storylines. Conservation status. Shaw, [2]. Marine life portal Mammals portal. Version International Union for Conservation of Nature. Retrieved 30 January General Zoology. Part 2. London: G. The southern sea lion, Otaria byronia or Otaria flavescens?.

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  6. El desafio y la oportunidad de las poblaciones de lobos en recuperación.

Marine Mammal Science, 9 4 : Mammal Review. Le Boeuf. Behaviour , : Reeves; Brent S. Stewart; Phillip J. Clapham; James A. Powell Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Ecology and Evolution. Diving deeper into individual foraging specializations of a large marine predator, the southern sea lion Oecologia Ecology Canadian Journal of Zoology. Fishery Bulletin The Telegraph. Retrieved 12 May Le Boeuf, H. Marine Mammal Science. Acta Ethologica , Volume 10, Number 1, , doi : Behaviour , Vol.

New York: Thames and Hudson , Aquatic Conservation of Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 8: Ecology, — Alvarado-Rybak, C. Verdugo, E. Quiroz, C. Valencia, C.

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Munoz-Zanzi, R. Pathogens and heavy metals in Southern sea lions Otaria flavescens in Valdivia city, Chile. Arch Med Vet. In review. Extant Carnivora species. Suborder Feliformia. African palm civet N. Marsh mongoose A. Bushy-tailed mongoose B. Alexander's kusimanse C. Yellow mongoose C. Pousargues's mongoose D. Angolan slender mongoose G. Ethiopian dwarf mongoose H.

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Short-tailed mongoose H. White-tailed mongoose I. Liberian mongoose L. Gambian mongoose M. Selous' mongoose P. Meller's mongoose R. Meerkat S.

Spotted hyena C. Brown hyena H. Aardwolf P. Family Felidae. Cheetah A. Caracal C. Bay cat C. European wildcat F.

Ocelot L. Serval L. Canada lynx L. Pallas's cat O. Marbled cat P. Fishing cat P. Cougar P.

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Jaguarundi H. Lion P. Clouded leopard N. Family Viverridae.

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Binturong A. Small-toothed palm civet A. Sulawesi palm civet M. Masked palm civet P. Golden wet-zone palm civet P. Owston's palm civet C. Otter civet C. Hose's palm civet D. Banded palm civet H.